Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Enchilladas

I had a great weekend full of good food and wine! I soaked up as much sun as I could (I mean as much as my husband could handle) and enjoyed every second of it. We got up early on Saturday morning because right before going to bed on Friday the husband found a 5 mile race to run. Nothing like randomly running a 5 mile race! I say this like I ran it with him. I did not. I am doing all I can to build up to 3 miles! Spending two weeks in Maine visiting family pretty much took away every ounce of athleticism I like to think I possessed. Anyway, we got up early and I made a peanut butter and fluff sandwich for him (pre-race fuel) and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for myself (I just like them). Normally I cook a decent breakfast on weekends, since it is one of 2 days when we actually eat breakfast together. Sometimes I am nice during the week and cook the husband breakfast before he heads out. I would eat with him, but do not really feel like doing anything at 5:30 AM, let alone eat a meal. Getting back on track now... The husband came in second in his age group. I think he also came in within the top 10 but I lost count/wasn't fully paying attention to the all of the people who came in before him. There was a 1 mile race that was going on a long with the 5 miler. I should have done that one, but was dumb and assumed it would be all little kids. It wasn't. The winner was 19 and ran it in about 5 minutes. I would have been a close second had I done it. Not. Add about 4 minutes and that's where I would be. I like the road race scene though. I have been around them a bunch in the past, but have never ran one. We are doing the Color Run in May, which I am super excited about. My goal is to do an 8K and a 10K in June. Then I will think about if I want to more then double that and go for a half marathon. I like the idea of that, so I can say I have done one, but 13 miles seems pretty far...

A little while after the race we went to the Christoval Vineyards and Winery. What a beautiful place! I loved walking around the property just taking in the sight of the stone buildings. We talked with the owner for a little bit about growing grapes in Texas. He was super nice and seemed genuinely happy to chat with us. We both sampled 6 wines (of our choice) for $10 each. I chose all 5 of the whites and 1 red. The husband did all 4 of the reds and 2 of the whites. I borderline hate red wine. There are only a few things I can honestly say I hate. Licorice is one of them. Red wine is close. All of the white wines were excellent! My favorites were the Sparkling Almond wine and the Angelo Blush. We ordered a pizza to share for lunch, and split a bottle of the blush. Probably the best wine I have ever had. Don't mind the instagram screen shot, I deleted my pics before putting them on the blog!

After drinking too much wine too early in the day, we decided to lay out by the pool. By saying "we decided" I really I mean I dragged my husband to the pool. I put sunscreen all over his head and face for him (while he wasn't paying attention) so he had to go. I am nice like that. I should have helped him put it everywhere else too, because he did a horrid job. You should see his funny burn/tan "pattern". We lasted a whole 50 minutes outside before he got bored and and we left. He would be content if he never went to the beach or a pool. Maybe because he's really bad a putting sunscreen on and always gets a funny sunburn. We occupied the rest of our Saturday with grocery shopping and eating sushi. Two of my favorite things!

Easter is not a big holiday for us, as we are not really religious, so we did not do the typical Eastery things. We spent last weekend in Dallas, and went to an amazing restaurant, Breadwinners for breakfast. I had breakfast enchilladas for the first time, and decided to try to replicate them today. They were the bombdotcom. I love so many foods and feel like I have a different favorite food every week, but these are now one of my new all-time favorites. I would be content if I could eat these everyday for at least a week. Then I would miss other foods and have to switch it up. I better end this now, or things are going to start getting really random. Time for bed.

Again with the instagram screen shot.

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