Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The TatoNut Shop: Round 2

We went back to TatoNut today!! These doughnuts are addicting. I have been thinking about them everyday for the past week. As I mentioned in my last post, TatoNut doughnuts are made with potato flour. I assumed that meant they are gluten-free, but today I found out they are not. The potato flour is the main ingredient, but it is blended with wheat flour. This does not change my mind about the doughnuts; they are still, and always will be amazing. However, I am sorry to anyone out there who cannot eat gluten.

On another note, The TatoNut Shop also has a huge variety of gourmet coffee and smoothies. I had my usual caramel iced cofee, but couldn't help but notice the glass containers full of different flavored coffee beans. They give you the option to purchase the coffee beans, or freshly grind them onsite. Some the more unique flavors I noticed were German Chocolate Cake, Brazil Ipanema, Irish Cream, Tanzanian Pearberry, Cinnamon Butter Cookie and Creme Brulee. I have heard of creamers with some of these flavors, but not the coffee itself. 

The TatoNut shop is located at 1114 Government Street in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Trip Advisor ranks TatoNut the #1 (out of 67) Restaurant in Ocean Springs.

The long doughnuts in the picture are called the "Glazed Katrina", named after Hurricane Katrina. Ocean Springs was one of the many towns in Southern Mississippi that was affected by the hurricane. The doughnut on the front right is the cinnamon sugar cake doughnut and the one on the left is my favorite, the regular glazed.

TatoNut has the classic doughnuts, as pictured above, but they also feature doughnuts such as maple glazed, blueberry cake, Persians (honeybun-like doughnuts), and powdered jelly-filled doughnuts. 

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