Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Desporte and Son's Seafood

Desporte and Son's Seafood is a diamond in the rough in Biloxi. This small restaurant/fish market is located in more of a residential area, away from the beach and casinos in town. If you want more of a local flavor, this is the place to check out. Desporte and Son's is a favorite among the people who live in Biloxi, and I can imagine they have a lot of "regulars". 

As you walk in the door the fish market is to the right, and the restaurant area is to the left. The menu is on the wall, and you order at the counter. I did not count, but there cannot be anymore than 8 tables inside. The menu reflects the local cuisine very well. They offer Po Boys, gumbo, crawfish etouffe, fried crab legs, alligator sausage, fried fish, and various seafood platters. The fish special seems to be the most popular choice. It is a daily special, and the type of fish changes day to day. Cameron and I both had the fish special (not sure what kind of fish) with potato salad, crawfish etouffe, and a side of remoulade. That plus a drink was only $7.95 per person. The meals are served to-go style in Styrofoam containers. 

Before Cameron came to Mississippi, I had never heard of crawfish etouffe. This dish is incredibly common down here, and rightfully so. It is delicious! There are different variations of etouffe, but it generally has a soup-like base made from a roux (flour and butter mixture), creole or bay seasonings, and chopped onions. Desporte and Son's etouffe had a little kick to it, but it was not overwhelmingly spicy. I did not really pick up an onion flavor, nor did I notice any in my etouffe. Other than a more then satisfying amount of crawfish, the etouffe contained mushrooms.The etouffe has the consistency of a thick chowder, and is served over white rice. 

Remoulade is another food I had never heard of before coming to Mississippi. It is what some places in the South use instead of tartar sauce. Remoulade also has different variations. It commonly contains horseradish and paprika and is mayonnaise-based. I am not a huge fan of pickles, and rarely use tartar sauce. Remoulade on the other hand, is a great complement to fried fish! 

I did not look too closely at the fish market section of Desporte and Son's, but I did notice they had extremely fresh looking shrimp, and they will boil crawfish for you on site. If I was in the market for fresh seafood, I would definitely buy from Desporte and Son's. 

Desporte and Son's is located at 1075 Division Street in Biloxi, MS

Fish Market section
Restaurant Section
My meal!
If you want to make crawfish etouffe yourself, here is a recipe:
I chose Emeril Lagasse's recipe, because he features the dish at is restaurant NOLA, in New Orleans.

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