Wednesday, December 28, 2011


For the next month, I am staying in Mississippi with Cameron while he finishes his class. Before I got here he told me about the nice gym and running track he has been using regularly, and how being here would be a good opportunity for us to both get in shape. I was/am completely on board with this. I have been considering running outside for a while, but have been procrastinating since August. Since October or so it has been conveniently getting increasingly colder in Maine, so I have had no problem not running outside. I will willingly admit that it being cold outside is an excellent excuse for me not to run. Before coming to Mississippi I have been doing body weight exercises and going on an exercise bike to stay somewhat active (I'm not completely lazy). Now that I am here, I am looking forward to having warm weather to run, and an exercise buddy to help motivate me.

So here I am, all excited to start eating better and exercising more. Then Cameron decides to take me to a local doughnut shop called The TatoNut, knowing full well I have a weakness for doughnuts. He told me about the place back in October or November, and I was pretty jealous that I was not there. I am extremely glad he took me there, but I do not know what he was thinking. Tatonuts makes the best doughnuts I have EVER had, and I have had a lot of doughnuts. I tried the plain glazed doughnut and the cinnamon sugar cake doughnut. Both were delicious. Again, I was too excited to eat to take pictures. It is my understanding that the dougnuts here are gluten-free and are made from potato flour. I intend to do a little more "research" on this and go back to Tatonuts. Often.

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